Hello all!

We hope you've had a great summer!  The Rogues have been enjoying ours!  Plus we had a fun gig or two that really got us ready to go for the fall.

On Sunday, August 20th we descended on the Wolfswood Faire in Appomattox Virginia to spend the day regaling the monarchs and the peasants with Rogue music!  This cute little show is put on by Wolfsbane Productions and is nestled just inside of the tree line on their property.  They also produce live, outdoor theater in this space and so we performed on the stage that was set up for Rocky Horror!  It even had a cat-walk coming off of the stage and of course everyone had to use that during our sets.

We were well received and asked us back for next year.  So keep your eyes out for our appearance next year and please come to this cute little show.  It's in the heart of the Virginia countryside and is even near the Virginia Whisky Museum.  That was tough to pass by on the way down and back.

And the Rogues are getting ready for the huge Haunted Pirate and Mermaid Festival in Boyton Beach Florida in October.  If you are in the Florida area, come visit us!

Speaking of Florida, as this is being written, Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida.  So we want to let all of our friends in Florida know that you are on our minds and we hope you will be safe and dry.



Andrew October 03, 2017 @09:27 pm

I was there and I concour. The band was awesome! I had my son there who was all of 1 month old and he had a ball listening to the bag pipe music! Can't wait to see y'all again.

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