Hey Everyone!

It's officially Fall and the weather is trying hard to turn cooler.  But like all the weird weather we've had this year, summer is holding on for dear life.

Not that the weather matters as we will be heading to Boynton Beach Florida in a couple of weeks to play at the Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate and Mermaid Festival.  Did you say Mermaids?  Randy is so excited to see Mermaids...

So if you live in Florida or anywhere on the east coast come see us!  It will be the aforementioned Randy Wothke, Mark Sullivan, Ewan Brown and the piper that is so good he needs three names, Sean Patrick Regan! All of our sets will be on the "Walker D Plank" stage with four sets on Saturday and three on Sunday.

The new t-shirts have been selling really well and we are already out of a size or two.  So make sure you get yours soon.  Today is preferable.

Finally on a serious note, The Rogues would like to extend our love and support to all the folks that have suffered through these horrible hurricanes.  Obviously we have dear friends in Texas and we have played and performed all over Florida for the past two decades so we have wonderful friends there as well.  Plus our love goes out to Puerto Rico too.  This has been a tough year everyone.  Keep them all in your thoughts!

Love you guys!  Talk to you soon....

The Rogues

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