Greetings Rogue Fans!

A busy year is starting to shape up for the Rogues.  We are returning to the great Scarborough Renaissance Faire in Texas, We have a couple of gigs in Texas and Louisiana and a gig in Oxford, PA on April 14th.  

Then in May we start our annual run at the wonderful Virginia Renaissance Faire!  We will be there all 5 weekends.  

We have brand new T-shirts!  The new shirts have the custom Squeezin' Cats artwork done by the talented Mike Abel and have the "Squeezin" Cats and Bangin' Skins since 1994 on the back.  Dark Blue and they will go fast, so get them soon!

The big announcement is that on Friday, September 7th, The Rogues and our good friends The Shamrogues will be playing at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD.  This is what we are calling Rogue-A-Palooza....two great bands obviously with Rogue in their name!  Tickets are available on line at Rams Head On Stage and are $25.  Rams Head is a well known live music venue that has a pub and eatery attached to it.  We are planning on recording our portion of the show for a new album and we hope you will come out and be a part of it!

More to come, and we want to thank you and your support.  24 years of Squeezin' Cats and Bangin' Skins!!!!!

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