Hello all!

Almost through June, so I thought I would write in the past tense and share some of the fun things we did!

We just finished up our run at VARF and what a fun show it was this year (AS ALWAYS!).  A tad rainy, but that's life at a Renaissance Faire.  Ton's of fun though!  A shout out to Henry Mycko and the lovely Meaghan Fuller for covering for Mark when he couldn't be there.  Always appreciated.

Then this past weekend we were in Dallas at the Dallas Zoo.  A hot one both on and off stage!  

We are constantly gearing up for Rogue-A-Palooza 1 this September 7th at Rams Head On-Stage.  A one night extravaganza of Celtic music and mayhem from us with the wonderful ShamRogues opening for us.  Showtime is at 8:00pm and, AND we are recording this show for our 25th anniversary cd coming out next year.  So come make history with us and be on the album! visit www.ramsheadonstage.com for tickets.  We are close to half full already so don't wait!!

Also on September 15th we are playing at a new Celtic Festival outside of Baltimore (more to come on that) And then on September 22, 23 we are headlining the 60th Annual Ligonier Highland Games in Ligonier, PA!  Come out and support this great show!

So we'll see you at a show soon!  Love ya all!


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