The Rogues 5.0

by The Rogues

Released 2001
Released 2001
Smokin' bagpipes, high energy percussion and more create Celtic music like you've never heard.
Get ready to rock, Scottish style! These boisterous, spirited and international-award-winning pipers and drummers are back to turn the pub upside down with their fantastic style of highland music...not to mention the sexiest bunch of knees ever to brush the hem of a kilt!

Dear Rogues: I heard one of your CD's while visiting my cousin in Galveston, and it kicked my ass." - Rick Lacey, Jonestown, TX

"My wife and I were fortunate enough to take in your performance at Ceilidh '97. While we both love the pipes we had never heard anything quite the likes of you and your particular twist of Scottish humor. ... On the night of the Ceilidh we purchased your CD with the tan/cream coloured cover, and I must say in the next few short weeks since then have nearly worn the grooves off of it."
- Keith & Carole Crawley, Ontario, CANADA

"I had the pleasure of seeing you perform in Kansas City this year. It was the highlight of the weekend, as I have told a great number of my friends. Thank you for your wonderful music and for the information."
- Michaul E. Longfellow, Kansas City, MO

"A lone piper bleating a mournful tune is one thing, The Rogues quite another. They are a genuine band that galvanizes an audience with precisely played rhythms and moves them the the hidden mysteries of Scottish tradition - they can make an Iranian wistful for Scotland! Their performance is a measured blend of stately hymns and rabble rousing anthems, it moves from dignity through defiance to abandoned joy and most important, the auidence feels it. Some shows beg for audiences participation; The Rogues induce it. When they are joined by Highland dancers, the energy doubles and is palpable. ... I can't think of any situations where they would not be a huge addition."
- David Casey - General Manager, Texas Renaissance Festival

"The Rogues Live in Canada, Eh? (The Rogues) What would a Texas pipe band be doing as a ceilidh in Burlington, Ontario? Well, judging from the sound of this, having one hell of a good time. With two Highland pipers (Lars Sloan and Jimmy Mitchel) and two precussionists (Randy Wothke and Bryan Blaylock), the music the Rogues play is anything but subtle. Recorded live in front of an enthusiastic audience, the band powers its way through a number of sets of bagpipe tunes, many of which they composed themselves. There are a few breaks for songs, but the emphasis is on the pipes (as well it should be), as both Sloan and Mitchel are fine players. The set winds down, as any good ceilidh should, with renditions of "Scotland the Brave" and "Amazing Grace". Play this loud, it's guaranteed to annoy the neighbors and the cats!" - (JLE)
- Dirty Linen Magazine - October/November '98 #78

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